A Drumbeat for Social Justice

As the creator of VitaminCBD, I want to talk a little bit about social justice. The rebirth of CBD hit the market just before the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill for me and my business partner. It was December 20, 2018 and, for the first time in 50 years, hemp was taken off the Controlled Substances Act list of Schedule 1 drugs and was allowed to be grown again. Note this statistic: In 2018, 663,000 people were incarcerated for marijuana, and most of them were black and brown people. We had an administration’s Attorney General who came in 2016 who wanted to extend prison time for all these people with drug offenses and, they were looking at it as a business, as a money-making business, via incarceration. That was just three years ago and, it was hemp’s rebirth when I planted my very first crop in early 2018 under a program to get the CBD oil into a product that I thought would help the world and bring some social justice for all of those black and brown people who have been imprisoned for this plant in the previous 50 years.

This is a big contrast from when hemp was classified as illegal and tended to incarcerate a large number of black and brown people. I spent about 12 years as a doctor working in the prisons in Philadelphia my objective was to administer healthcare to a forgotten population. People who looked just like me and to walk through the prison hallways in my white coat with my stethoscope around my neck so that I could potentially influence one or someone in that prison that looked just like me.

If we talk about a metamorphosis, it was a big one when going from a prison doctor for many of these victims of this plant to the person planting this plant. Now, it is time to get some of those people who have spent time in prison social justice, get their records expunged, and allow them to benefit from the industry that incarcerated them (the other side of the coin) because there were a few people in Washington DC that did not want hemp in the fields dating back to the 1930s and found a way to monetize it through incarceration.

Watch out for the alcohol industry that has lost 25% of its market share in states that have Cannabis recreational and medical cannabis programs. This group is “beating the drum”, is it for social justice or revenue. Be careful with the drumbeat that you hear.
Vitamin CBD is the first vitamin named for the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) named by me on the same day that the 2018 Farm Bill became law and hemp became legal. I want you to know that my business is one that you can support and you will be supporting social justice in the biggest way possible because its owners want a deal that involves victims of the system and now let us make them heroes.
Go to wwwdailyvitaminCBD.com and learn more. I endorse this product with absolute conviction.

Be careful of the drumbeat that you hear…..

Eric I. Mitchell, MD MA FACPE CPE

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