Have you had your Vitamin CBD today? Is it real or snake oil?

Current cannabis use is associated with lower odds of metabolic syndrome across emerging and middle-aged US adults. Future studies by HCI will be to examine the biological pathways of this relationship. There are many other diseases or maladies which also claimed great benefits with the use of Vitamin CBD™. These claims have both a positive and negative effect on the value of this age-old botanical. The positive is that results speak for themselves, however, because of the cross-section of different maladies that are reporting positive outcomes, people want to call it snake oil. But be careful, there is a lot of science behind the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which has not been taught to our healthcare providers mainly because of its illegality imposed on Cannabis sativa L in 1970 by then President Nixon who made Cannabis sativa L a Federal crime.

The ECS was discovered in Israel by Dr. Ralphal Mechoulam in 1992 and at the time of this writing, allopathic medical schools were still not teaching this existence of this biological regulatory system, which have many different endpoints in the anterograde and retrograde synaptic neurotransmitter. The need for clinical data always follows the introduction of a new science that is not so new. However, a new attitude is prevailing and researchers are jumping at this new window of opportunity for research without the oversight and cloud of the DEA.

There is little understanding on which Terpenes, Cannabinoids, or phytocannabinoids are responsible for these clinical outcomes in full. HCI will undertake this research project with the production of known ratios of THCV to THC and the Terpenes types with their effect on the Cannabinoids. The hypothesis and antidotal impression gleaned from early data must shift to theory-based evidence and we must have a clinical application to test our outcomes.

Common practice use of any agent is supported by strong clinical results. HCI’s micropropagation technology allows for thousands of copies of a single plant to be produced in a short amount of time with the desired amount of THCs, CBDs, and in our research mode with Terpenes. The singular genetic profile of plants high in a given Terpene, i.e. pinene can be produced from micropropagation which allows these plants to establish more quickly, grow more vigorously, and have a more uniform production cycle than a heterogeneous population. This will give HCI the strategic ability to supply our research projects with a sample profile that is known and can be dispensed in the non-flower form chosen for the research protocol directed toward the reduction of pathology and symptoms of known maladies.

The growth of cannabis plants selected from Micropropagation consists of five stages as outlined above: 1) source plant preparation; 2) culture initiation; 3) multiplication; 4) pre-transplant/rooting; 5) transplant/acclimatization. Technicians will remove a sample of tissue from the source plant, sterilize the tissue sample and place it onto a nutrient medium, Petri dish just like in general chemistry, containing growth regulators to begin the dedifferentiation process and proliferation of plant cells. HCI uses natural lighting for most of its daily light needs because it is the best choice: natural sunlight provides the correct quality and quantity of light for plant production. Sunlight also increases terpene production, increases cannabinoid concentrations, and reduces the potential for plant disease.

This brings us back to Vitamin CBD™ and some of the maladies which have been helped with HCI’s growing, harvesting and processing this hemp-derived CBD oil. Here at HCI, we know every step in the process because HCI has done every step in this process. The chain of custody has been totally within our purview which gives the best command and control over our products.

When you white label a product, you are depending on another source for your most essential part of your equation without a knowledge base. HCI products are not white label products!
“Have you had your Vitamin CBD™ today for your mental clarity and your bone health”. This is HCI’s promotional byline but CBD will do more than the two illustrated reasons above to take this vitamin to enhance the overall performance of the ECS. The list is growing for uses of CBD, but what you must remember is that our ECS works within our neurotransmission system and can have many different effects for different maladies and it’s not snake oil.

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