Emotional Wellness and CBD

Eric I Mitchell MD FACPE

Emotional Health with CBDEmotional Wellness Supports Emotional IntelligenceEmotional health supports emotional intelligence. We want to take one very simple concept of health and make sure that we include the mental piece as well as the physical piece of health. In mental health there is something called emotional health or emotional...

A Daily Dose of Wellness— VitaminCBD™

Eric I Mitchell MD FACPE

Confusion, disinformation, misinformation are the clouds which block the sunshine of knowledge of this age old botanical, Cannabis which has proven itself over to many years to count as an important phytocannabinoid for our ECS.  So let me take you from zero to one and start this story over with a clean slate. Please follow my blogs and I will share with you what I didn’t learn in medical school but from the school of “Hard Knocks “